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Rentalcourse with digital timing equipment


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Artikelnummer 0094
This part can be used as extra or spare part on all our hurdles.
This Cup also can be cut smaller at home so the pole will fall easier
Price: € 8.25  

Wing standard

Artikelnummer 0097
This wing has been technical changed so it can be used with or without lower bracket.
We will change the photo as soon as possible
Vleugel t.b.v. hoogtesprong
Price: € 45.00  

Wing de luxe

Artikelnummer 0099
  Vleugel de luxe t.b.v. hoogtesprong
Price: € 59.50  

Pole kunststof red/white

Artikelnummer 0098
  Ligger (kunststof rood/wit)
Price: € 14.45  

Weave/corner pole

Artikelnummer 0147
  Hoekpaal of slalompaal
Price: € 9.00  

Groundcup for weave/corner pole

Artikelnummer 0146
  slalom of hoekpaal inclusief grondpin
Price: € 12.00  

Tyre (part)

Artikelnummer 0177
This tyre is made off white Polyethyleen. The inside diameter is 45 cm.

It will be delivered without the red tape.
- tape ? 5,95 pro roll
Losse Band
Price: € 42.50  


Artikelnummer 0205
The tunnelcradles are made of powdercoated metal and easy in use. The cradles are inclusive the rubbers (0207)but exclusive the groundpins (0206)
The cradles are for fixating the entrance and exit of the tunnels. To fixate the tunnel in the middle, we recommend our tunnelfixingbags professionel or to fix them with extra rubbers and groundpins.
Price: € 49.95  


Artikelnummer 0206
Price: € 2.75  

Elastiek for Cradle

Artikelnummer 0207
Price: € 4.75  

numbers 1-20 S F A and B

Artikelnummer 0271
Price: € 235.00  

Anti slip material

Artikelnummer 0650
The anti-slip material is in the colors white, yellow and blue to obtain.
We can deliver with or without climbing slats.
The material is produced on the role of 2 meters width
The anti slip is the most functional in the length direction

The antislip is a soft PVC material with high abrasion resistance.

Super grip for the dogs, even in wet weather and light frost!

Anti-slip without climbing slats
Width Price per meter length.
2 mtr. € 90.00
1.2 mtr. € 67.50 for example a frame
0.4 mtr. € 22.50 for example see-saw/dogwalk

Anti slip with welded climbing slats (white color)
Width anti-slip/width climbing slat Price pro meter length
1.2 mtr. / 1,1 mtr. € 137.50 for A-frame
0.4 mtr. / 0,3 mtr. € 65.00 for dogwalk

Cutting Costs pro length color/type € 5.00

Example price for Favoriet equipment:
See-saw € 95.00
Dogwalk wit climbing slats € 575,00
A-frame with climbing slats € 800,00
Price: € 47.50  

Pole kunststof white

Artikelnummer 0100
  Ligger (kunststof wit)
Price: € 9.50  

Channel-wire bows transparant 10pc

Artikelnummer 0267
  Channel-wire bogen (transparant) 10 sts
Price: € 80.00  

Red cap round 40

Artikelnummer 0101
  Rode dop of huls rond 40
Price: € 4.05  

Red cap round 32

Artikelnummer 0102
  Rode dop rond 32
Price: € 3.05  

Tunnel fixating bags

Artikelnummer 0269
These fixating bags can be used to fixate tunnels on all kinds of underground.
They are also perfect in use with our cradles (0205).
Also in the middle of the bends you can use them.
We advise to fill the fixating bags with grind or raw sand in plastic bags.
Verzwaringzakken professioneel
Price: € 32.50