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Dogwalk wood

Artikelnummer 0015
The dogwalk has standard colours red/yellow/blue. Other colours can be ordered.

The dogwalk is made of wood with an non skid surface. The slats are thin.

Dont paint the top of the dogwalk, because the non skid surface doesn't work any more.

Be careful! Do not put the non skid surface parts at each other, so the surface will last longer.
Kattenloop hout
Price: € 975.00  

Dogwalk aluminium

Artikelnummer 0016
This maintenance free dogwalk can be deliverd in the standard colours white/ yellow and bleu.

The frame of the dogwalk is all of aluminium. The surface is made of plastic with a super anti slip.

The slats are minimum height.

Directions for use.

Put the to feets on ca. 3 mtr and put the middel part on it. Then hang the two end parts on the middel part. Check the side parts they have to hang steady.
Kattenloop aluminium
Price: € 1795.00  

Anti slip material

Artikelnummer 0650
The anti-slip material is in the colors white, yellow and blue to obtain.
We can deliver with or without climbing slats.
The material is produced on the role of 2 meters width
The anti slip is the most functional in the length direction

The antislip is a soft PVC material with high abrasion resistance.

Super grip for the dogs, even in wet weather and light frost!

Anti-slip without climbing slats
Width Price per meter length.
2 mtr. € 90.00
1.2 mtr. € 67.50 for example a frame
0.4 mtr. € 22.50 for example see-saw/dogwalk

Anti slip with welded climbing slats (white color)
Width anti-slip/width climbing slat Price pro meter length
1.2 mtr. / 1,1 mtr. € 137.50 for A-frame
0.4 mtr. / 0,3 mtr. € 65.00 for dogwalk

Cutting Costs pro length color/type € 5.00

Example price for Favoriet equipment:
See-saw € 95.00
Dogwalk wit climbing slats € 575,00
A-frame with climbing slats € 800,00
Price: € 47.50