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Tube tunnel

Tube tunnel 5 mtr red/white/blue

Artikelnummer 0195
  Tunnel 5 meter rood wit blauw. Niet meer leverbaar.
Price: € 415.00  

Tube tunnel 4 mtr red/white/blue

Artikelnummer 0196
  Tunnel 4 meter rood wit blauw.  Niet meer leverbaar.
Price: € 335.00  

Tube tunnel 6 mtr

Artikelnummer 0197
  Tunnel 6 meter rood wit blauw.  Niet meer leverbaar.
Price: € 498.00  


Artikelnummer 0205
The tunnelcradles are made of powdercoated metal and easy in use. The cradles are inclusive the rubbers (0207)but exclusive the groundpins (0206)
The cradles are for fixating the entrance and exit of the tunnels. To fixate the tunnel in the middle, we recommend our tunnelfixingbags professionel or to fix them with extra rubbers and groundpins.
Price: € 49.95  


Artikelnummer 0206
Price: € 2.75  

Elastiek for Cradle

Artikelnummer 0207
Price: € 4.75  

Tunnel fixating bags

Artikelnummer 0269
These fixating bags can be used to fixate tunnels on all kinds of underground.
They are also perfect in use with our cradles (0205).
Also in the middle of the bends you can use them.
We advise to fill the fixating bags with grind or raw sand in plastic bags.
Verzwaringzakken professioneel
Price: € 32.50  

Tunnel transparant/colour 5 mtr.

Artikelnummer 0194
These standard transparant tunnels are delivered in combination with blue or red PVC. Other lengths and colours are also possible.
The tunnels are delivered of heavy pvc and will be delivered without cradles or fixingbags.
The quality of the tunnels depends on the weight pro meter (about 5 kg pro meter) and the roughness of the PVC (anti slip).
Try to keep the coloured PVC on the way of the dog because it is more rough than the transparant PVC.
tunnel transparant/kleur 5 mtr.
Price: € 420.00